FIFA Subscription Details

Do not send ETH from an Exchange

If you send ETH to FIFA Token Distribution Contract from an exchange account, your FIFA tokens will be allocated to the exchange's ETH account and you may never receive or be able to recover your FIFA tokens.
Please send 0.1 multiple of ETH, i.e. 2 ETH, 5.4 ETH, 10.8, 100 ETH are accepted,
DO NOT send anything like 0.27 ETH, 5.41 ETH, 10.86 ETH 100.03 ETH.
Recommended Gas Price: 10 Gwei (or higher)
Recommended Gas Limit: 60,000 (or higher)
If you have any question, please visit our telegram group or email us: [email protected]


The Ethereum address for the token distribution is


or ENS Address


or QR Code

Payout FIFA Tokens will be sent immediately to your ETH Wallet

Token Info
Start TimeUTC time 05 June,2018 – 13:00:00 (Singapore time: 21:00=New York time: 9:00)
End TimeUTC time 31 August, 2018 - 00:00:00 (Singapore time: 8:00=New York time: 20:00)
Currency AcceptedETH
Accepted Unit0.1 multiple of ETH
Hard Cap100,000 ETH
Exchange Rate1 ETH = 1,000 FIFA
Bonus ReleasingBonus will be released 5% monthly
FIFA Bonus Rules
BonusRanking& Subscription Amount Reward
Ranking Bonus
First 500 ETH 20% Bonus FIFA
500-1000 ETH 15% Bonus FIFA
1000-2000 ETH 10% Bonus FIFA
2000-5000 ETH 5% Bonus FIFA
Subscription Amount Bonus
(single contribution)
10-49 ETH 10% Bonus FIFA(first 100 transactions)
50-99 ETH 15% Bonus FIFA(first 50 transactions)
100-199 ETH 20% Bonus FIFA(first 20 transactions)
200-499 ETH 25% Bonus FIFA(first 10 transactions)
500 or more ETH 30% Bonus FIFA(first 5 transactions)
  1. Ranking and subscription amount reward can be added, the maximum bonus is 50% of the FIFA token.
  2. When slots of a higher tier of bonus is filled, the reward will be downgraded to the next lower level.
  3. Non-bonus exchange will be released immediately.
  4. Bonuses will be released 5% every month.
FIFA Super Address Reward
Profit Sharing
  1. The FIFA team will share at least 30% of the net profit to reward FIFA Super Addresses.
  2. The reward will be automatically distributed to top 100 FIFA holders.
Identify MethodsThe highest average ranking FIFA token holders in a given period (top 100)
Counting Methods
  • W=(C/S)*V
  • W:Eliglble partner’s reward amount in a given period
  • C:Average number of FIFA token in a given period for a eliglble address
  • S:Sum of all eligible partners’ FIFA token
  • V:Total reward profits
Distribution TimeThe 5TH day of each month after initial funding has concluded.
Fairness DisclaimerThe FIFA team is not eligible to participate.


  1. This website is intended to explain the new cryptocurrency based community platform called First Internet Football Association (herein called as "FIFA").
  2. Please note that FIFA Tokens are not meant to constitute securities in any jurisdiction. These are utility tokens in their nature. This website doesn’t intend to constitute an offer of buying securities or a solicitation for investment in securities in any jurisdiction.
  3. This website does not contain any recommendations or advice to sell or purchase FIFA Tokens. It does not constitute any investment decision or contract which means that this document cannot be the basis for the investment or concluding an investment agreement. FIFA Tokens are only for the objects as contained herein.
  4. You agree and acknowledge that if you are a citizen or resident of any jurisdiction where cryptocurrencies are banned or restricted either partially or completely, you shall not purchase or in any way use or any transact FIFA Tokens.
  5. Any information provided in this page has not been approved or checked by regulatory bodies and authorities. Publishing and distributing this these information does not mean that it has been complied with the laws, regulatory requirements, rules or regulations. So there are some ambiguities and risks pertaining to use of FIFA Tokens.
  6. This page is provided for informational purposes and cannot be used as a legal document or investment agreement and, therefore, we strongly recommend you to read the legal sections contained at the end of the page before making any decision. You agree, understand and acknowledge that owing to the fact that cryptocurrencies are not regulated in most of the countries as yet, the personal identities of our team members, developers, affiliates, directors, and all such other officials as may work with us from time to time, shall remain hidden and they will work anonymously until the time when they think it appropriate, in their own discretion, to make their identities public subject to changes in regulatory environment. You further acknowledge that you accept the above statement irrevocably and unconditionally and that you shall not object to it.


  1. First Internet Football Association (herein called as "FIFA") shall not be liable for any direct or indirect losses suffered by you as a result of using the FIFA Tokens, including:
    • Any errors, carelessness or inaccurate information arising from personal understanding
    • Losses arising from individual trading in all types of blockchain assets and any acts resulting therefrom.
    • We cannot guarantee that FIFA Tokens will definitely appreciate, and in some cases there is the possibility of a decline in its value. People who do not correctly use FIFA Tokens, may lose their right to use the corresponding tokens.
    • You acknowledge that FIFA Tokens are not an ownership or right of control in First Internet Football Association. Acquiring, possessing, transacting with or dealing in FIFA Tokens do not mean ownership of First Internet Football Association.
    • First Internet Football Association does not grant any individual the right to participate, control, or to make decisions regarding First Internet Football Association.
  2. Given that the governments’ regulatory attitude towards blockchain and encrypted digital currency industries is still unclear, the risk of establishing blockchain industry fund is objective. Moreover, because blockchain industry is at the very early stage of development, there are many uncertain risks. In addition, digital currency is stored in a special way, therefore fund risks may be caused by human errors. These risks still exist and may lead to the final failure of the project or loss of your complete investment. You will be solely responsible for that.
  3. You acknowledge that you are well-aware of the risks of using the FIFA Tokens. Members, once involved, understand and accept the risks of the project and are willing to personally bear all the corresponding results or consequences.


  1. To the maximum extent possible by the applicable laws, rules and regulations, First Internet Football Association or its founders are not responsible for any special, vicarious or any kind of consequential damages as well as any other losses, like loss of income, profits, or loss of use or data, caused by purchase or use of FIFA Tokens.
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      • units in the scheme of collective investment;
      • units in business trust;
      • derivative units in business; or
      • any other security or class of securities;
    2. you have a basic understanding of the operation, functionality, use, storage, transfer mechanisms and other material features of cryptocurrencies, software systems based on blockchain, wallets for cryptocurrencies or other related tokens storage mechanisms, technology of blockchain and technology of smart contracts;
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  1. All claims and statements made in this website, statements made in press could", "estimate", "expect", "intend", "may", "should", or any other such terms. releases or in any place available to the public and any oral statements made by First Internet Football Association, or its team members, and that are not an accomplished fact, may represent so called forward-looking statements. Some of these "forward-looking statements" could be considered as such by containing the following terms: "believe", "if", "will", "anticipate", "plan", "would", "possible", "aim", "target", "
  2. However, the above mentioned terms are not exhaustive to identify forward-looking statements. All statements which consist information about First Internet Football Association’s financial position, plans or prospects, business strategy, as well as the future prospects of cryptocurrencies and banking industry, should be considered as forward-looking statements. These forward-looking statements are not already accomplished facts, but only projections that include but not limited to statements about First Internet Football Association’s profitability, prospects and revenue, future plans or possible industry trends.
  3. The forward-looking statements may include known and unknown risks, uncertainties and possibly other factors that may lead to the future results, achievements of First Internet Football Association, which may differ materially from any future results, performance or achievements which were initially expected or intended by such forward-looking statements. These factors include, among the others:
    • any changes in cryptocurrency market conditions, as well as in political or social conditions, or the regulatory environment in the countries where First Internet Football Association leads its operations and businesses;
    • risks and uncertainties that First Internet Football Association may be unable to implement its future plans and business strategy, described in this website;
    • changes in interest/exchange rates of crypto and fiat currencies;
    • shifts in the expected growth strategies and anticipated internal growth of First Internet Football Association;
    • changes in the availability of FIFA Tokens and amount paid to First Internet Football Association in connection with its respective businesses and operations;
    • alterations in remuneration of Company’s employees, who were primarily required by First Internet Football Association to operate and manage related business operations and activities;
    • changes in preference of First Internet Football Association customers;
    • Iterations in the market competitive environment which may affect the realization of First Internet Football Association’s plans, as well as the ability of its team to compete under such conditions;
    • shifts in the expected growth strategies and anticipated internal growth of First Internet Football Association;
    • changes in the future capital requirements for First Internet Football Association and availability of sufficient funding and availability of resources to finance such needs;
    • unsafe conditions carrying a threat for public and social safety such as war, revolution or terrorism;
    • emergency and natural disasters which may affect the abilities of First Internet Football Association’s team to implement the working plan, mentioned in the website;
    • other factors, outside the control of First Internet Football Association. 
  4. All forward-looking statements made or expressed by First Internet Football Association or representatives acting on its behalf are entirely qualified in full by above mentioned factors. Taking into consideration those risks and uncertainties that could influence the actual future results, could differ materially from the reality, or the expected attainments of First Internet Football Association and could be materially different from initially expressed or implied by the forward-looking statements in this website, unjustified trust must not be put in these statements.
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